Introduced in:

Episode 12


Deceased (Died at the age of 79)




Leader of Team Aqua

Signature Pokémon:


Archie is the leader of Team Aqua. He is also the father of Doryan.

Background storyEdit


His main Pokémon (and so far the only one shown) is Kyogre.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 12, Blaze and Kevin meet Archie and tell him that they're planning on destroying the factory.

In episode 50, he followed Doryan to the airport. In episode 52, Archie attempted to get Doryan to kill Blaze, but he refused, and shot Archie in the legs. In episode 60 Archie talked about Alicea about killing Doryan.

In episode 81, he went to a meeting with Giovanni, Maxie and Cyrus.

He fought against Maxie and lost in episode 91.

In episode 157 he hypnotizes Doryan to make him join Team Aqua. In episode 165 Alicea tells him that Blaze is not dead.

In episode 207 Archie suffers and dies of cancer, so he hires Doryan to replace him.

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