Blaze's Raichu

Introduced in:

Episode 1







Blaze's Raichu is Blaze's signature Pokémon, he is also notable for being one of the few Pokémon in the series who make an appearance outside battle scenes.

Background storyEdit

When Blaze's Raichu was just a Pichu, it was hit by a meteor. After that it evolved straight into Raichu, and got into the maxmium level, and became bullet-proof and super intelligent.


Blaze's Raichu loves Blaze more than anything, and would do anything to save him. Because of that it's often considered to be his guardian angel.

Special abilitiesEdit

Blaze's Raichu is no ordinary Raichu. It has abilities that no other Raichu has, its abilities include: Super intelligence and the fact that it's bullet-proof.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

Blaze's Raichu made an appearance several times, including outside its ultra ball.

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