Introduced in:

Episode 1 (in the phone), episode 18 (official)






A member of the PSA

Signature Pokémon:


Blazegirl is Blaze's sister and a member of the PSA.

Background storyEdit


Her only Pokémon shown so far is Blissey.

Appearances in Pokémon Gangster Edit

She called Blaze in episode 1 to tell him that his father is dead.

Her first official appearance was in episode 18, in that she was with Frank, that was before she officially became a PSA agent, which happened in episode 30. In that episode she called Frank rude for not giving the awards he promised.

Later, in episode 81, Frank fired her. But he regreted it in episode 84, in episode 85 Blazegirl married Frank.

Blazegirl spent Christmas and New Years Day with Blazeman, Blaze and Kevin in episodes 146, 147, 149 and 150.

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