Cassidy and Butch

Introduced in:

Episode 6






Formerly members of Team Rocket. (currently unemployed.)

Signature Pokémon:


Cassidy and Butch were Team Rocket's most trusted members until Mr. X took over Team Rocket.

Background storyEdit


Their Pokémon are different every time they appear.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

Cassidy and Butch first appeared in episode 6, in that episode they tried to steal Blaze's Pokémon.

In episode 33, Butch called Giovanni because he mispronounced his name. In episode 41 Cassidy and Butch fought against Blaze's Raichu and Mike's Raichu.

In episode 56, Cassidy and Butch put a trap for Blaze, but Maxie and Doryan stopped them.

In episode 92, Cassidy and Butch broke into Blaze's apartment and attempted to steal Blaze's Raichu. But Meister helped him out.

In episode 144, Cassidy and Butch attempted to steal from Wall-Mart. But as usual, Blaze along with a guy who called himself the Karate king.

In episode 163, Mr. X told them to clean the dishes.

In episode 170, they decided that they have had enough of the new leader, and talked to Dr. Namba about it.

They also made an appearance during the villain meeting in episode 182.