Even though Pokémon Gangster is a successful series, the show has recieved some criticism.


Pokémon Gangster has been crticized for using the gameplay music too much. This was fixed at the end of Season 11 when anime music was used more. However, some people do have a problem with the show using too much of the same music.


The series have also been criticized for being too short. Most episodes were less than 5 minutes long, because of that there wasn't much to say. In Season 12, it was fixed by making most episodes at least 8 minutes long.

The dialogEdit

Some people have complained that the dialog is generic.

Random referencesEdit

Some people have complained that there are too many references that don't fit into the story at all.

The languageEdit

Some people have complained that the series use too much cursing. The maker of the series, Blaze, says that it's supposed have a lot of cursing since it's meant to be R-rated, but it probably has too much though.


Some people have complained that the series use too much default sprites. Blaze says that he's just too lazy to make new ones.

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