Detective Earl

Introduced in:

Episode 159






Police detective

Signature Pokémon:


Detective Earl is Sherfman's partner. Unlike Detective Sherfman, Earl doesn't trust Blaze at all.

Background storyEdit


Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 159, Earl along with his partner Detective Sherfman were solving a murder case.

Another murder case happened in episode 174, this time Freddy Krueger was the murderer, however Detective Earl didn't believe that. In episode 175 Detective Sherfman told Eddie that Blaze was arreseted, and he wanted to prove him innocent, but since Earl didn't wanna be involved in that case he decided to go home. He was briefly mentioned in episode 177.

In episode 182 he was glad Blaze was finally gone.

In episode 199 he and Ash Ketchum proved that Blaze is a criminal. In episode 207 he was angry that Ragnar was trying to kill Detective Sherfman.

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