Introduced in:

Episode 17






A murderer from Team Rocket

Signature Pokémon:


Doom is a heartless member of Team Rocket, who only cares about killing people. Seeing people's pain makes him happy.

Background storyEdit


His only Pokémon used so far is Houndoom, Doom uses it to murder people.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

He made the first appearance in episode 17, in that episode he killed Blazeman. Blaze prevented that from happening in episode 29.

In episode 66, he was going to kill a lot of people that were in a plane. But Blaze's Raichu stopped him.

In episode 84, Frank shot Doom's Houndoom and attempted to kill Doom, but failed.

At the end of episode 125, Doom did what he usually does, kill an innocent man.

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