Dor Epic
Supporting character

Introduced in:

Episode 22






Water Pokémon Legend

Signature Pokémon:


Doryan, (also known as the Water Pokémon Legend) is a character with supernatural abilities. He has the ability to control water.This power can be greatly amplified with his birthstone a sapphire

Background storyEdit

He was born and raised in Pallet Town, his first Pokémon was Squirtle.

He grew up without his father, Archie, which he doesn't get along with at all.

Archie tries to influence Doryan a lot by trying to make him join Team Aqua.








Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

Doryan's first appearance was in episode 22, in that episode he helped Blaze and Kevin to get to Dewford Island.

He later appeared in episode 37, in that episode Paul invited him along with Blaze and Kevin to dinner.

Blaze calls Doryan in episode 50 and tells him about his apartment. In episode 52, Archie tried to get him to shoot Blaze, but he refused.

In episode 65, Doryan was shot by Alicea. He also appeared during Valantine's Day in episode 67.

He kills the Stranger in episode 87. The next episode, 88, he fought against Alicea.

In episode 93, he fought Blaze-Ec, who was going to do something bad about the Emerald City Hospital.

In episode 107 he was in the Captain Swatson's ship. In the next episode, 108, he met Alicea again. He caught a Floatzel in episode 109. In episode 110 he and his friends arrived at the island. And finally in episode 111 he killed the Stranger. In episode 112 he met Paul. He helped stop Giovanni in episodes 113 and 114. In episode 116 Captain Swatson decided to bring him back to Cinnabar Island. He also appeared in episode 117. Captain Swatson said that he would sail Doryan back to Pallet Town in episode 118.

In episode 157, Archie hypnotized Doryan to join Team Aqua. Alicea tells Archie and Doryan that Blaze is not dead in episode 165.

In episode 167 Doryan teams up with Alicea to fight Blaze, until Paul uses his Xatu to make Doryan go back to normal. In episode 168 Doryan says he has had enough adventures for one day and goes home on Paul's Tropius. He appeared in cameo in episode 174. In episode 178, he was kidnapped by Alicea, and saved by Blaze and Hartin.

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