Dr. Namba

Introduced in:

Episode 144 (in the phone), 170 (official)






A member of Team Rocket

Signature Pokémon:


Dr. Namba is a member of Team Rocket.

Background storyEdit


Appearance in Pokémon GangsterEdit

He called Cassidy & Butch in episode 144.

In episode 170 he was outraged at the new leader of Team Rocket, Mr. X, and talked to Cassidy & Butch about killing Blaze for murdering the old boss, Giovanni.

In episode 182, he, along with many other villains was glad that Blaze was no longer in Emerald City and decided to celebrate it. In epsiode 186, he became the new leader of Team Rocket after Giovanni was angry at Mr. X.

He was pissed that Blaze was out of jail in episode 200.

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