Introduced in:

Episode 104






Magician from Team Rocket.

Signature Pokémon:

Alakazam and Gengar.

Elvin is a magician from Team Rocket.

He uses magic to make inanimate objects come to live.

Even though he uses his Pokémon Alakazam and Gengar, he uses his magic wand for most of his magic.

Personality and abilitiesEdit

He has the power to make any inanimate objects come to live. He uses other methods of dark magic as well.

He always refers to his victims as his audience.

Background storyEdit


The only two Pokémon he uses are Alakazam and Gengar.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 104 he made a fictional character from a crime movie get off the screen and kill the people at the reunion. Kevin fought him at the reunion.

In episode 142, he made the toys come to life. Again, in episode 143 Kevin fought Elvin.

In episode 183 he was at the villain meeting. He also killed a woman by bringing her home furniture to live.

In episode 196, he helped out Gargamel. In episode 197 Elvin brings thanksgiving turkeys to live to attack people. In episode 205, he made everyone except Blaze, Jon and Sanna into zombies.