Eric McWorth

Introduced in:

Episode 34






Business man

Signature Pokémon:


Eric McWorth is a multi-billion trillionaire, and owner of a lot of companies all around the Pokémon World.

Background storyEdit


Although his signature Pokémon is not known, his Pokémon Arcanine is mentioned in episode 49.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

He first appeared in episode 34, in that episode Kevin paid him to work on a building.

Later, in episode 49, Blaze had to sign a contract for his new apartment, and had to talk to Eric McWorth.

He also appeared in episode 96 Eric McWorth appeared on television and was pissed at Zaphrix for stealing from his bank.

In episode 208 he refuses to help Blaze out.

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