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Like all series, Pokémon Gangster is not perfect. There are several goofs and errors in Pokémon Gangster. They include:

  • In episode 1, "Officer Jenny" (who was actually Alicea in disguise) supposedly put Blaze in his jail cell, but that makes no sense as they were on a field and not anywhere near a jail cell.
  • In episode 30, everyone was aware that Blaze stopped a murder from happening. Since Blaze changed history, nobody should have any idea that the murder happened in the first place.
  • In episode 167, Alicea was shot and survived without problems. Although she has been shot before, previously there was an explanation, she drank a bullet-proof potion. But in that episode there wasn't a single explanation. (though it could be possible that she does have a special ability other than super intelligence, but currently super intelligence is the only special ability of her that's known.)

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