In Pokémon Gangster there are many references, usually references to movies. But there is more than that. On this page you'll see all the references to movies, stories, and stuff like that.

In Season 2:

  • The PSA (which is introduced in this season) is based on the FBI. It's the FBI or the Pokémon World. It stands for the Pokémon Secret Agency.

In Season 3:

  • Toys 'R' Us is mentioned by Kevin in episode 33.
  • The title of episode episode 34 "Bob That Crappy Builder" is a spoof of the title of Bob The Builder.
  • Kevin mentions Toy Story in episode 34.

In Season 4:

In Season 5:

In Season 6:

In Season 7:

In Season 8:

In Season 9:

In Season 10:

In Season 11:

In Season 12:

In Season 13:

In Season 14:

In Season 15:

  • The beginning of this season is a reference to the Aladdin trilogy. The lamp and the genie make appearance in episode 211, Iago and Cassim make an appearance in episode 212-213.
  • The Adjustment Bureu is referenced at the end of episode 211.
  • Blaze argues with commercials in episiode 212.
  • A scene from Ghostbusters is shown at the end of episode 213.
  • Kevin quotes the famous line from Snakes on a Plane in episode 213.