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Episode 145







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Martin is a wizard who helps Blaze out sometimes.

Even though he prefers to be called a wizard, he doesn't use magical abilities often. At his home there are a lot of gadgets, like magical rings and amulets used for teleportation. Even though he doesn't show many magical abilities, he is very knowledgable on magical creatures like demons, other worlds, and stuff like that.

Background storyEdit


  • Alakazam
  • Mewtwo

Only in Pokemon Rinery

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 175, Martin helped Blaze stopping the Easter Bunny from killing Kevin. He re-appeared in episode 177, in that episode Blaze asked him how to go to hell. In episode 178 he decided not to help Blaze anymore, just to apologize by the end of the same episode.

In episode 182, after realizing that Blaze is in trouble, he helps him out. Which he does in episode 193, by getting Doc Brown to help him out.

In episode 197 he helps Blaze, Gold and Sanna to stop the attacking turkeys and Elvin. In episode 200 he refused to help Blaze out of prison. In episode 201 he tells Gold and Kevin that Blaze is in an universe that's the exact opposite of ours, and also reveals that Elvin is his evil twin. Unfortuntely he can't help Sanna, Blaze and Jon to stop Elvin as he turns into a zombie in episode 205. But he does help Gold stopping Freddy Krueger in episode 206.

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