Introduced in:

Episode 38






Currently the leader of Team Magma. Formerly Maxie's second most trusted man.

Signature Pokémon:


Meister is the leader of Team Magma. Before he became the leader of Team Magma he was Maxie's 2nd most trusted man and did a lot for him.

Background StoryEdit


Before he became the leader of Team Magma, he used to be a very happy guy who does things for Maxie for the fun of it. And he always brought many Team Magma members since he was a friend with a lot of them. However, after he became the leader of Team Magma he


The only Pokémon of his that's shown so far is Alakazam.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

His first appearance was in episode 38, in that episode he stole Tom's plans.

He appeared in the war between Team Magma and Team Aqua in episode 86.

He went to Blaze's apartment and helped him out fighting Cassidy & Butch in episode 92. He visited his apartment again in episode 102.

He was at the meeting in episode 152, Maxie told him that he's leaving, so a poll for who would be the next Team Magma leader began. Later, in episode 161, Meister won the poll and officially became the new leader of Team Magma.

In episode 168, Meister helped Blaze get his Raichu back. He also spoke to Maxie after he offically went to a retirement home in episode 169. In episode 180, he sent Blaze, Kevin and Gold (which he hired in that episode) on a space mission.

In episode 184 he told Maxie that he has no plan on brining Blaze, Kevin and Gold back. In episode 193 Lance told Blaze and Meister is waiting for Maxie, Blaze, Sanna, Kevin and Gold at the Texas Airpot. He apologized to them in episode 194 and sent them home. And they got home in episode 195.

In episode 208 Maxie, Blaze and Gold ask for Meister's help, since Archie has cancer, but he can't do that since many Team Magma members would be pissed. In episode 210, Meister sends Gold, Blaze and Kevin on a mission to stop Mr. X.

In an alterative timeline in epsiode 211, Meister never became the leader of Team Magma.

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