For the British guys in 1940 see Matt, Pete and Ronald.

Introduced in:

Episode 104






His job is to throw bombs out of a helicopter.

Signature Pokémon:


Pete is a character of Pokémon Gangster.

Background storyEdit


His Pokémon are Darmaitan, Klinklang, Houndoom, Excadrill, Beartic and Steelix.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 104, Pete appeared at the reunion.

He prank-called Blaze in episode 127.

In episode 176, he blew up a roller coaster, and Blaze wasn't happy about that at all. In episode 177 Blaze went back in time and met the past-version of Pete, while time travelling Blaze attempted to change Pete's ways but failed.

In episode 213, he blew up Cassim car on the road. But Joe battled him in a Pokémon Battle and defeated him. And Pete was arrested.

He died in episode 237.

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