There are several supporting characters in Pokémon Gangster.

Major supporting charactersEdit


Main article: Martin

Martin is a wizard who Blaze looks up to.

Detective SherfmanEdit

Main article: Detective Sherfman

Detective Sherfman is a detective who helps Blaze out a lot.

Paul (from the anime)Edit

Main article: Paul (anime)

Paul is Blaze's good friend, but Gold and Kevin don't trust him.


Main article: Maxie

Maxie was Blaze's boss and is a very good friend of him.


Main article: Doryan

Doryan is the Water Pokémon Legend and a good friend of Blaze.


Main article: Jon

Jon often helps out Blaze.


Main article: Elliot

Elliot is a guy from the future, and a very good friend of Blaze.

Other supporting charactersEdit

Other supporting characters of Pokémon Gangster include: Bob, Meister and Paul.

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